How is AI Driving Innovation and a More Sustainable Internet Ecosystem?

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Event Date

Thursday, May 6

Event Time

11:00 AM ET - 12:00 PM ET

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Webex Virtual Event

How Is AI Driving Innovation and A More Sustainable Internet Ecosystem?

On May 6th, the world's largest IP network and one of the largest data center providers convene to discuss how the industry is adapting to paramount changes driven by digital transformation.

Join Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Telia Carrier, and Dave McCall, Chief Innovation Officer at QTS as they discuss how QTS and Telia Carrier collaborate to solve core, complex issues within the ecosystem. Learn about the impact of trends and technologies that will help customers specifically and human beings in general, flourish.  

Big Ideas in 2021

  • How Telecom is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning across all facets of the business to improve the customer experience, enable self-service, and create new services and products

  • How the adoption of advanced technologies from hyperscale organizations creates trickle-down efficiencies and cost savings for enterprise and small businesses

  • What is the impact of increasing customer demand for sustainable infrastructure?

  • How is Telecom contracting or expanding? How are non-traditional companies entering and rapidly evolving the telecommunications industry?

  • What's next?


Mattias Fridström 

Chief Evangelist 

Telia Carrier

Dave McCall

Chief Innovation Officer

QTS Data Centers


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