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ISCF 2016: Resources

With the release of the Dell Security Survey, insightful presentations from industry leaders and opportunities to discuss and connect with QTS security and compliance experts, there was something for everyone at this year’s ISCF 2016 event.

Enjoy exclusive access to resources from ISCF 2016, including video presentations, presentation downloads, and a free copy of the Dell Security Survey, “Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity: 2016 Progress Report.”

ISCF 2016: Opening Remarks

Welcome to ISCF 2016! Listen to opening remarks from Dan Bennewitz and Chad Williams, the COO and CEO of QTS.

Tim Brown

Watch Tim Brown's presentation, including his overview of the key findings from the Dell Security Survey.

Paul Grassi

View this video to learn about NIST’s approach to improving and measuring identity management and its impact on cybersecurity.

Simon Crosby

Watch Simon Crosby's presentation "Building a Breach-Ready Organization: Lessons from Troy and Byzantium."

Juanita Koilpillai

In this video presentation by Juanita Koilpillai, "Software Defining Perimeter," learn about defending applications from DDoS.

Jeff Moss

Learn from American Hacker, Jeff Moss, about the security threats companies face in his presentation: "It's Not a Matter of If... It's When."

Michael Thesis

View the presentation from the CERT Insider Threat Center, presented by Michael Theis, on data security.

Brent Cobb and Rich Heimann

Join Brett Cobb and Rich Heimann from Cybraics as they discuss the analytics of data security.

Richard Steinnon

Watch the ISCF 2016 presentation "the Art of Cyber Defense" by Richard Steinnon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest.

ISCF 2016 Panels

ISCF 2016: Security Panel

Learn about the future trends in information security management and security risk response in this breakout panel of experts.

ISCF 2016: Compliance Panel

Get answers about speed to market versus the current federal risk management framework in this compliance panel discussion.

Download presentation PDFs here:

Marvin Wheeler  Michael Theis Paul Grassi Simon Crosby 
Richard Stiennon  Tim Brown Juanita Koilpillai  


Thank you to our ISCF 2016 Gold Sponsor

Thank you to our ISCF 2016 Sponsor​